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Founded in Taiwan with an initial capital of NT$5,000,000

Capital raised to NT$15,000,000

Funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to develop a Chinese GIS software product “GRASS GIS Tool box”
1/1994 Canadian PCI Geomatics local representative to distribute its entire remote sensing products
9/1994 Canadian USL strategic alliance to distribute its entire Land and marine GIS products

Announce the first Taiwan developed GIS product “GRASS Tool Box”

Capital raised to NT$ 20,000,000
8/1996 Enter Internet market, and begin related business
12/1996 Enter C3I public safety market by wining the Taoyuan Fire Department 119 system project
12/1996 Designated by the Ministry of Interior as a value added vendor for its digital basic and cartographic maps

Become Canadian RSI’s Taiwan distributor of its entire product series including RadarSat imageries
12/1997 Complete the Integrated National Forest GIS Inquiry and Apllication system for the Bureau of Forestry and win the 1997 National IT month Best IT Application award

4/1998 Take www.map.com.tw on line
8/1998 Establish C3I and Internet Business divisions
12/1998 Complete implementation of the Taoyuan Fire Department 119 System and win the 1998 National IT month Best IT Application award

12/1999 Complete implementation of Kaohsiung Dispatch and Public Safety Control System and win the 1999 National IT month Best IT Application award
12/1999 Capital raised to NT$ 40, 000,000

3/2000 Spin off Trendgo.com to manage www.map.com.tw
7/2000 Capital raised to NT$100,000,000
8/2000 Company stock qualified for public release and begin preparation for over the counter release
8/2000 Announce www.elocation.com.tw mobile resource management service and win the 2000 National IT month Best IT Application award

Headquarter moved to Chung Ho City
12/2001 Capital raised to NT$150,000,000

5/2002 Become Digital Globe’s Taiwan distributor of its highest resolution commercial satellite imagery from Quick Bird.

5/2003 Obtain Taiwan 20 year invention patent on “ automatic search location and report system” (invention: 169722)
6/2003 Obtain Taiwan 20 year invention patent on “base station location fix technique” (invention 172199)
7/2003 Obtain Taiwan 20 year invention patent on “Camera Monitoring Technique” (invention: 177079)

3/2004 Obtain China 20 year invention patent on “Camera Monitoring Technique”
7/2004 Obtain China 20 year invention patent on “base station location fix technique”
8/2004 Release DoVTs communication hardware, data transmitted over conventional two way radio system
9/2004 Become distributor of the OrbView-3 image products

Release PRU (protrol read unit) and BDU (Base Data Unit) for EPMS (Electronic Patrol Management System)

6/2006 Obtain a 20 years invention patent (Taiwan) on "Searching and Positioning method for mobile device"
6/2005 Release DEV242 Digital Encrypted Voice Communication Device

1/2007 Release WRT-1904, a Wireless Rural Telephony
5/2007 Become GeoEye's Taiwan distributor of GeoEye-1 image, the highest resolution (50cm) commercial satellite for optical imagery.
11/2007 Become SpacEyes's Taiwan distributor of 3D earth observation image processing tool.

1/2008 Become InfoTerra's Taiwan distributor of commercial satellite imagery from TerraSAR.
3/2008 Become Definiens's Taiwan distributor of Enterprise Image Intelligence tool.

1/2009 Obtain the NCC Taiwan telecom front-end device certification for GPS fleet management vehicle trackers.
3/2009 Obtain the 20 year invention patent in Taiwan - TITLE:apparatus, system and method for reporting the traffic conditions.
4/2009 Announce Establish the first Cloud based Image Service Platform in Taiwan for Local Data :『RITI Online Image Service』.
10/2009 Implement the first Golf Cart Monitoring and Management System in Taiwan:「KanCheDa elocatioin」at“National Golf Country Club”.
11/2009 “Bei Bei On Line” Won the first prize in the Android Smart Phone Software Design Competition sponsoered by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

9/2010 Spin off the RiChi Technology Inc. form the RITI GIS Business Division.

5/2011 “KanCheDa elocation” is selected and granted with budget to execute「2011 Cloud Computing Expanded Service Project」of Small and Medium Enterprise Administration., Ministry of Economic Affairs.
6/2011 “KanCheDa elocation” platform wins the Superior Quality Prize of「Taiwan ITS/Telematics Best 100 Election」selection.

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