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Our alliances: RITI Technology Inc. has formed strategic alliances with leading companies from around the world.

CARIS offers a robust line of spatial information management software for customers across land, marine and software development applications. Its product line enables customers to input, create and manage, and deliver consistently reliable spatial data information and products.

DigitalGlobe is the clear leader in the global commercial Earth imagery and geospatial information market. DigitalGlobe’s QuickBird satellite is the world’s highest resolution commercial imaging satellite. The company’s next-generation WorldView I satellite is scheduled to launch no later than 2006, and WorldView II is anticipated to launch in 2008, pending finalization of customer contracts.

GeoEye is the premier provider of satellite and aerial imagery, geospatial information, geospatial products, and solutions for the national security community, strategic partners, and commercial customers. GeoEye's world is one seen through our Earth imaging satellites—GeoEye-1, IKONOS and OrbView-2, two mapping aircraft, and a global network of regional partners and satellite receiving ground stations.

Infoterra provides operational products and services across the entire geo-information spectrum – data acquisition and processing, imagery analysis and interpretation, hosting and delivery of large datasets, as well as offering GIS development and consultancy.

Definiens is the No. 1 Enterprise Image Intelligence company. We support customers in analyzing and interpreting images on every scale, from microscopic cell structures to satellite images. We help our customers to analyze image for infrastructure planning, natural resource management and security and emergency response.

SpacEyes is specialized in Earth observation image processing, and manages the development and marketing of SpacEyes3D. SpacEyes 3D uses Earth observation images in a real time fly through and 3D model making software. The tool is designed for anyone who wants to communicate, explain, inform or present any aspect of management or enhancement of an area to a non-specialist public.

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