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11.2009 | RITI Technology Inc. exhibits a brand-new Android platform application-BaiBai Online in the press conference of Conexus Mobile Alliance held in Hong Kong on November 17. BaiBai Online Service is designed by using mobile handset with a built-in GPS and digital compass to provide information of Taiwanese major temples and make users to worship in a digital way. About Conexus Mobile Alliance(CMA.pdf)

9.2009 | RITI Technology Inc exhibit Taiwan's major water resource data supply warehouse (from MOEA) in ESRI user conference this year. In the mean time, RITI also represent a well performance, user friendly and copious contents online map portal site for Taiwan's largest county (Taipei County Government) on ESRI Live User Sites. RITI demonstrate its unique ability in spatial data and technology integration by these two successful cases.

9.2009 | ¡§E-Location¡¨, a RITI Technology Inc's Web-based Automatic Vehicle Location Service, had helped police department to break a car theft group by integration of GIS, GPS, wireless communication and satellite image.

8.2009 | Typhoon Morakot strikes southern Taiwan and causes serious damage. RITI Technology Inc. provides pre-disaster and post-disaster information (map and satellite image) for many government agencies, research institute and media for damage estimation and control.

8.2009 | The Fleet Management Division of the RITI is invited to participate in the Industrial Discussion Forum and Workshop on August 6, 2009 at the 2009 International Logistics and Auto-ID Expo held in Taipei.

4.2009 | RITI will participate in two up-coming international exhibits at Taipei, 2009AutoTronics Taipei and 12th SecuTech Expo, to showcase our new products, GPS/GSM Professional and Basic Car Unit, Digital Travel Recorder and Accessories for Fleet Management.

4.2009 | RITI On Line Image Service has begun its service on 4/1/2009 to provide users with an intensive coverage of high resolution imageries from Digital globe and Formasa-2 at very reasonable and affordable price.

3.2009 | RITI is awarded a patent (#I 307324, Remote Retrieval installation, system methodologies) by the Republic of China covering the period from 3/11/2009 to 2/14/2027 on the application of mobile location based (MLB) information.

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