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announcement 2006.11.21

You are cordially invited to the RITI 2007 New Product Announcement and Technical Forum which will be held at the Taipei 101 International Conference Center on the 36th floor, 7 Xi Yi Road, Sec 5, Taipei on December 5, 2006 starting at 1:40 pm. During this event, we will present:

  • The future of remote sensing satellites delivering high-resolution 0.5 m optical and 1 m all-weather SAR imageries
  • The advanced digital voice communication device, DEV2420™, which provides an inexpensive way to add digital encrypted voice communication capability to a conventional two-way VHF/UHF radio
  • The high-accuracy car unit, GPRS Super Locator™, designed to help you optimize control of your mobile resources
  • The user-friendly web-based Fleet Management System, Kan-Che-Da™, delivering efficient mobile resource management by integrating our proprietary GPRS Super Locator™ with our advanced system technology
  • The break-through Electronic Patrol Management System (EPMS™), providing real-time patrol information to ensure system efficiency and staff security, and based on our proprietary hardware, PRU (Patrol Reader Unit, an enhanced version of DEV2420™) and BDU (Base Data Unit)
  • The most complete, rich and accurate Taiwan spatial data available for location-based applications, based on our unique data tools, methodology and readily-accessible high resolution imageries.
  • Our technical experience and capabilities, as proven in numerous award-winning government projects in applications like public safety and natural resources

... and more as well.

For more information, please contact Ms. Amy Lien at

tel: 886 2 8228 0600 ext 374
e-mail: amy@mail.riti.com.tw
address: RITI Technology Inc.
16 F, No 716, Chung-Cheng Raod
Chung-Ho City,
Taipei Hsien

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