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Formosat 2

As the only commercial company in Taiwan chosen by NSPO as its sales and distribution center, we are authorized distributors of Formosat 2 General Images in both Black/White and Color for clients in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Formosat 2 was launched successfully on May 21, 2004 (Taipei Time) from Vandenberg Airforce Base in the United States, representing a new era for Taiwan in satellite imagery. Formosat 2 features include:

  • Weight: Approximately 760 Kilograms (including payload and fuel)
  • Shape: Hexagonal cylinder with height of 2.4 meters and diameter of 1.6 meters (solar panels folded)
  • Orbit: Sun-synchronous orbit at 891 kilometers. Passes over Taiwan twice daily
  • Payload: remote sensing payload, ISUAL
  • Ground resolution (near-vertical observation): PAN (black/white) 2 meters, MS (color) 8 meters
  • Image width (near vertical observation): 24 kilometers
  • Satellite moving range: front/back 45 ° ; side 45 °
  • Image duty cycle: 8 min/orbit
  • DDesign life: 5 years
  • Launch date: May 21, 2004 (Taipei time)

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