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Taiwan vector data

Product overview
How do we produce our maps?

We offer a wide range of vector map products for the country of Taiwan, including:

Vector Maps – 34 layers of polygon, line and point data (view the Technical Specifications pdf for details)

Basic Edition

Standard Edition

Professional Edition

POI (Point of interest) maps
– Location point data is divided into 12 major categories (view the POI Specifications pdf for details):

  • government buildings
  • educational institutions
  • medical facilities
  • restaurants and hotels
  • financial institutions
  • tourism
  • leisure and entertainment spots
  • shopping
  • snack and fast food
  • automobile services
  • transportation facilities
  • private institutions

Need a more tailored vector map solution? RITI Technology Inc. can capture your data from conventional sources and create digital formats to create custom-tailored maps to suit your needs. Contact us for more details.

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