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GSM/GPS Vehicle tracking units and system

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  • Product Specifications
Dimensions 71mm x 85mm x26mm
Operating Voltage 8~33VDC
Working Current Peak <500mA @24VDC; Standby <80mA @24VDC
Operating Temperature -20℃~60℃
LTE module 2G : 850、900、1800、1900 MHz
3G : B1、B2、B5、B8
4G : B1、B3、B4、B5、B7、B8、B28
GNSS Chip GNSS chip u-blox M8;Sensitivity -164 dBm
Input Por Digital input x 5 sets;Analog input x 2 sets;
Temperature sensing x 2 sets;SOS signal x 1 set;
1-wire x 1 sets
Output Port Digital output x 4 sets
Serial Port RS-232 port x 2 sets
Memory Memory capacity 4MB (up to 30,000 data can be stored) When communication quality is poor, data will be saved and be re-sent to server after communication is back to normal
Standard Accessories GNSS antenna, LTE antenna, power cable set, backup battery
Optional Accessories Barcode reader / PND dispatch panel / Temperature sensor / SOS emergency button / Oil level sensor / TPMS / i-Button / DVR / RFID Reader / Punch card clock / EPA Kits
Certifications Meet the NCC certification, China Steel's procurement specifications, Environmental Protection Agency vehicle inspection, MIT Taiwan Manufacturing Quality Assurance, Patent 1307324

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