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GSM/GPS Vehicle tracking units and system

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In year 2000, the U.S. government announced that the Global Positioning System (GPS) was opened for civilian use and opened the door for GPS commercialization. In the same year, RITI Technology used the GPS satellite positioning technology, GPRS mobile communication technology, GIS geographic information system and Internet experience advantages of high-tech services such as Internet applications, to set up the first satellite fleet management service platform eLocation (elocation.com.tw) in Taiwan, providing fleet management solutions for the corporate customers.With accumulated domain knowledge during more than 18 years, eLocation provides a variety of mobile resource solutions. eLocation already breaks through the traditional scope and extend the business into the warehouses, stores and goods management. No matter you choose the fleet management, logistics management TMS+ or the IoV eLocation service, eLocation.pro is more capable, more comprehensive, and meet more to business owners' expectations than ever. In short, just Pro!




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