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GSM/GPS Vehicle tracking units and system

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  • Product Features
  • GPRS Function
    Auto or Manual Connection to Server via TCP
    Set 2 sets of IP / PORT
    Support Domain Name
    Support Transparent Data Transmission
    Remote Parameter Values Setting
    Firmware upgrade Over The Air (FOTA via GPRS)
  • SMS Function
    Remote Parameter Values Configuration
    Enable or Disable Digital Output
    Enable or Disable GPRS Function
    Data Transmission via SMS
  • Interface Function
    RS-232 x 1 or RS-485 for option
    1 SOS Input
    Earphones, Microphone Audio Input / Output Interface
    GPS and GSM LED indicator for machine status identification
  • Other Features
    Geo-fencing Alarm (3 Polygon and 1 Circular Zones)
    Speeding Alarm/ Movement or Towing Alarm
    Idle Report / Voltage Detection Report
    Mileage Accumulation Calculation
    GPS Antenna Disconnected or Cut Alarm
    ACC or Ignition OFF Report
    Set Delay Time to Shut Down



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