Mobile IoT

Mobile IoT

Locator 670 (IDU-300)

IDU-300 is the first 3G IDU (intelligent Data Unit) from RITI. It surpasses 2G tracker limitation, providing a superior solution in fleet management for our customers. With the eLocation fleet managing platform system and mobile APP, IDU-300 is very suitable for monitoring and dispatching vehicles, and reporting abnormality. By connecting IDU with our additional accessories, such as: dispatch panel, temperature sensor…etc, customers are able to monitor the related data through IDU-300 for various applications on our eLocation tracking platform at once. We integrate our accumulated & different MRM domain knowledge to provide the best managing decision support for our customers.

  • Safety and Security
  • Customizable alerts for emergencies, enable continuous tracking even in power failure caused by external forces.
  • Accurate Mileage
  • Mileage computed based on an accurate proprietary algorithm that minimizes the error on fuel mileage refund.
  • On time Fault Detection
  • Actively reminding of device faults and automatic FOTA to shorten the service interruption time.
  • Battery Failure Notification
  • Detect battery voltage at any time to prevent vehicle from starting.
  • Expandability with Additional Accessories
  • Over 10 additional accessories to support various applications, for example: temperature monitoring, dispatching, barcode scanning, punch-card clock…etc.

Dimension 71mm x 85mm x 26mm
Working Voltage 9VDC ~ 35VDC
Working Current Peak < 500mA @24VDC ; Standby < 80mA @24VDC
Working Temperature -20℃ ~ 60℃
UMTS Module 850/900/1800/1900 MHz; UMTS; HSDPA; EDGE; GPRS; Voice; SMS
GPS Chipset MediaTek MT3339
Input Port Digital input x 4 sets; Analogy input x 2 sets; Temperature measure input x 2 sets; SOS Port x 1 set
Output Port RS-232 interface x 2 sets
Data Port 1150mAh (Optional)
Memory Capacity 4MB (Max. 30K data) to store data during bad connections and resume data transmission when IDU-300 reconnects to server.
Standard Accessories GPS antenna; 3G antenna; Power cable set
Optional Accessories Backup Battery / Barcode Scanner / PND Dispatch Panel / Temperature Sensor / SOS Emergency Button / Fuel Sensor / TPMS / i-Button / DVR / RFID Reader / Punch-Card Clock / EPA Special Accessory / Voice Accessory Set
Certifications FCC; CE; (NCC; EPA-WMO; EPA-PMO; CSC Standard Certification for Taiwan); Made in Taiwan; Patent No.1307324

In 2000, the US government opened GPS access for civilian applications. RITI Technology Inc. followed immediately, launched the first GPS based vehicle tracking service, eLocation Satellite Fleet Management Service, and established its leadership in Taiwan. With hardware research, software development, electronic map and satellite image integration, RITI has obtained many patents over the past 23 years. Today, RITI becomes the best service provider with satellite positioning technology and in-depth domain knowledge of fleet management in Taiwan.