Mobile IoT

Mobile IoT

Locator 690 (IDU-401)

IDU-401 can detect and interpret by itself, take the initiative to capture real-time images and send them back to the cloud platform. When an accident occurs, there is no need to find the critical moment in the lengthy image, which helps improve the efficiency of fleet managers in handling abnormal accidents.

  • Make DVR more effective and valuable
  • It can be directly integrated with the original DVR/MDVR device without having to spend money to purchase the high price DVR again. After the smart video IDU is connected, it can efficiently capture the driving image information of important moments.
  • AI intelligent event judgment
  • Have the IDU self-calculation patent. When an abnormal event occurs, the capture function is immediately activated to accurately store the images before and after the event, saving manpower time for finding the event segment afterwards, which helps to quickly restore the scene of the accidents.
  • Remote capture of live images
  • When the manager finds that the vehicle is abnormal, manager can trigger the capture of the live image on the remote end platform to instantly view the live image of DVR.
  • Extended event image capture
  • Five sets of IO expansions can be combined with the intelligent video system, IO trigger for capturing pictures, such as: door opening, truck bed start signal, providing multi-vehicle management and application.
  • Active evidence on cloud storage
  • The smart capture system can instantly return the event images to the cloud management platform to complete the remote backup.
  • Effective Classification for fast searching
  • Combine the images of the large satellite fleet management platform to process image and function report integration and event classification and statistics, conditional image search, and access to image records at each critical moment, faster and more efficient.
  • Event and driving track integration
  • Combined with the driving trace, it clearly shows each incident occurred throughout the day, helping to know those road sections are prone to incidents.

Dimension 71mm x 85mm x 26mm
Operating Voltage 8 ~ 33VDC
Working Current Peak < 750mA @24VDC;Standby < 200mA @24VDC
Operating Temperature -20℃~60℃
LTE module 2G:850、900、1800、1900 MHZ
GNSS Chip GMSS chip u-blox M8;Sensitivity -164 dBm
Input Port Digital input x 5 sets
Analog input x 2 sets
Temperature sensing x 2 sets
SOS signal x 1 set
1-wire x 1 set
Image capture capacity Photo specification:640 x 480 JPG;(Up to 200 events can be saved, cycling written). Time to store images in the eLocation platform is 1 month
Output Port Digital output x 4 sets
Serial Port RS-232 port x 1 sets
Memory Memory capacity 4MB (up to 30,000 data can be stored) When communication quality is poor, data will be saved and be re-sent to server after communication is back to normal
Standard Accessories GNSS antenna, LTE antenna, power cable set, backup battery
Optional Accessories Barcode reader / PND dispatch panel / Temperature sensor / SOS emergency button / Oil level sensor / TPMS / i-Button / DVR / RFID Reader / Punch card clock / EPA Kits / Comhub
Certifications Comply with NCC certification, Sinosteel procurement rules, MIT Taiwan manufacturing quality assurance, patent 1307324

IDU-401 is a solution that goes beyond the limitations of hardware and network transmission and provides users with unique intelligent image capture services. For incidents that occur while the vehicle is moving, the Smart Capture IDU can detect and interpret itself, take the initiative to capture real-time images and send it back to the cloud platform. Vehicle management personnel do not need to keep an eye on the screen for 24 hours to understand whether the driver is prone to driving behavior or accidents. There is no need to find the key moments from the lengthy images. It helps improve the efficiency of fleet managers in dealing with abnormal accidents. It is the most economical driving video event recording program. It can easily achieve "Accurately grasp the key images of driving behavior before, during and after the incident. "The purpose of driving image management.