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SICOM (Spatial Information COMponents)

SICOM is the ideal product for application developers who wish to develop spatial applications using visual tools such as Visual Basic or Delphi, but without having to deal with the complexities of C++. SICOM's component-based software makes it easy to build applications that are custom-fit to the end-user's needs, and allows the developer to quickly modify applications to accommodate changing or expanding needs. Originally developed to provide a way to rapidly create customized emergency response applications for fire and police departments in Taiwan, and later to become the foundation for consumer software products, including Lunar Map Pro, SICOM component software is suitable for a variety of spatial management systems


  • Works with ESRI's Shape data, CARIS data and various registered image formats such as geotiff and BSB
  • Allows software reusability
  • Simplifies the design process
  • Allows visual programming
  • Makes rapid prototyping possible
  • A Microsoft COM object provides API with expandable capabilities
  • Reduces development time and cost
  • Domain friendly

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