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RITI Technology Inc. is the authorized re-seller in Taiwan of CARIS, Canada. CARIS develops and supports rigorous, technologically advanced geomatics software that offers a robust line of spatial information management software for customers across land, marine and software development applications. Its systems give value to spatial data and empower customers with information that is meaningful.

CARIS Marine Solutions
Processing of Ocean and Coastal Survey Data

With the growing amount of data volumes collected with today's hydrographic survey equipment, the need for powerful and accurate data processing software and algorithms is critical to handling these massive datasets efficiently.

Software: HIPS, SIPS and Notebook

Production of Ocean and Coastal Survey Data
Safe navigation is practically impossible without reliable and complete cartographic data supported by modern information technologies. Explore a number of solutions to support the creation, maintenance, and quality control of digital paper charts, electronic charts and raster charts used for today's navigation. These solutions range from file based solutions to database-driven solutions to meet the needs of today's hydrographic offices.

Software: HPD, HOM & DOM, Notebook, Easy_ENC

Management of Ocean and Coastal Survey Data
Data management is one of the main concerns of today's marine and hydrographic industry. Having the most up to date and comprehensive datasets that are easily accessible is of prime concern. The ability to share this data within an organization as well as with other organizations is also important in today's world of shrinking budgets -- data interoperability is vital.

Software: GIS Professional, HPD, Bathy DataBASE

Port and Waterway Management
Knowing as much information about the Port and waterway is not only critical to safety, but also has significant economic implications! Increased knowledge of the waterway allows the Port and waterway officials as well as shipping companies to maximize port throughput and vessel load levels, therefore increasing profits.

Software: BEAMS, MetOcean, PORTIS

Chart Distribution
The Internet has become the logical and even preferred preferable medium for the supply of today's digital information. The specialized nature of hydrographic products however, means that a web-solution for hydrographic information distribution is beyond the scope of ordinary e-commerce systems.

Software: ChartServer

Law of the Sea
The continental shelf of a country beyond the customary 200 nautical mile limit is extremely valuable for coastal nations. Accuracy is crucial in your delineation and management of its geodetic limits and boundaries of this extended EEZ, as this area may contain many valuable natural resources for the coastal nations.

Software: LOTS

CARIS Land Solutions
Local and Federal Government
Communication between regional government departments, supporting agencies and the public is fundamental for regional and local governments and can be accomplished by incorporating government departments into an enterprise GIS environment.

Software: Spatial Fusion Enterprise, Carta, OpenCite

Land Management and Cadastral Solutions
Integrating the latest Internet and database technologies together with the business processes and regulations of registry offices, CARIS software can easily move land management agencies from a paper or names-based system to an integrated land information management system.

Software: LIN, iCIS, Carta, OpenCite

Business Solutions
Corporations are centralizing existing data resources while introducing spatial data for enhanced decision making and interdepartmental communications through the introduction of mapping and Internet technology to day-to-day operations.

Software: Spatial Fusion Enterprise

Digital mapping software specifically designed for the display and output of geological data in a digital environment. Use CARIS software to combine field data with multiple data sources to create true geology maps with full symbology for data integration and GIS analysis.

Software: Carta

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