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Lunar Map Pro 4.0 Deluxe Edition is the most advanced, most detailed, & highest resolution lunar software on the planet! This is a feature-rich lunar mapping software program that offers complete coverage of the Moon's entire surface, and is ideal for serious amateur astronomers, astronomy students, and lunar observers. With a database of nearly 8,200 features, it has the most comprehensive lunar library to date.

Feature highlights
Multiple Map Options: The only lunar software product that provides a variety of map options for unparalleled flexibility. All maps flip and reverse to match your telescope view and are fully corrected for libration. Choose the ultra-high resolution texture (image) map for realism. Choose the vector (outline) map for special applications such as sketching. Combine map formats to identify difficult to see features. Choose from any of 3 interactive geology maps to study lunar geological history.

Ultra-High Resolution Texture (Image) Map: RITI's state-of-the-art proprietary reprocessing techniques have made it possible for us to develop a 360° map that resolves features smaller than 1 mile in diameter, and establishes a new industry standard in texture map resolution.

System Requirements (recommended)
• Windows 2000 or XP
• 1 GHz or faster, at least 256MB RAM
• 670 MB hard disk space
• 768x1024 resolution graphics, at least 16-bit color
• At least 16MB video RAM on graphics card
• 3D uses OpenGL and may require disabling DirectX
• Microsoft IE 4.0 or greater for ResourceViewer
• QuickTime or Windows Media Player for videos

Superior Accuracy Vector (Outline) Map: RITI has further improved the vector map to a level of accuracy that equals or surpasses the finest paper vector maps in the marketplace.

Zenith Angle Capability: Automatically tips the map view to match the true angle of the moon as seen from your observing location. You see the moon exactly as it appears in the sky.

3D Graphic Visualization: This terrain modeling capability combines NASA radar elevation data with our advanced GIS engine, so you can create actual 3D views of your favorite lunar features, making 3D visualization the next best thing to being there!

Animation Assistant: This feature lets you create your own animated movie clips in a matter of minutes. Make clips of the lunation cycle, libration, rotations, flyovers, zoom sequences and more. The only limit is your own imagination!

Navigator Window: A live miniature map lets you identify your map location at a glance, even when the map is zoomed in.

Hover: Quickly identify lunar features with a mouse touch. Right clicking provides additional historical feature information.

Point-of-View: Position yourself above any point on the lunar globe, as if you were in orbit. Eliminates angular distortion of features so you see them as they really are!

Advanced Search Capabilities: Easily locate and center any of nearly 8,200 features. Includes the complete USGS lunar database as well as domes, astronaut-named features, and manned and unmanned American and Soviet landing sites. Provides lunar sunrise and sunset times for every named feature!

Field-of-View: Create custom maps that match the actual views through your own telescope and eyepieces. Stores data on focal length and FOV for multiple telescopes and eyepieces.

Surveyor Tool: Built on an advanced GIS engine, this tool lets you accurately measure lunar distances and the size of lunar features. Our exclusive multi-point measuring capability lets you measure irregular features such as mountain ranges, dorsa, and rilles.

Phase Manager: View real-time phases for any time and date between 1970 AD and 2100 AD.

Ephemeris: Our detailed Ephemeris provides a wealth of useful information. Find lunation age to the nearest minute, colongitude, angular diameter, Illumination %, RA, Dec. and much more. Rise, Transit, and Set Times are now shown in event order for more user-friendly operation.

Resource Viewer: Connects you to dozens of informative lunar websites via the Internet. Also contains Apollo Video Clips, and stores user generated animations.

Link/Print/Export: Link your own astrophotos and observing notes to features. Save map images as JPEGs, paste them to other documents, or email them to others.

User-friendly Interfaces and Context-Specific Help: Interfaced designed for ease of use, and includes pop-up hints, combined with more than two dozen newly added context-specific help buttons make Lunar Map Pro 4.0™ Deluxe Edition more user-friendly than ever

For more information about Lunar Map Pro Deluxe Edition, please contact us.

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