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Lunar Map Pro

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Lunar Map Pro Field Edition This version of the highly regarded Lunar Map Pro™ software has been optimized to meet the needs of serious lunar observers who prefer the advantages of observing with software, instead of paper atlases or maps. With Lunar Map Pro FE, features not directly related to field use have been carefully eliminated, creating a product that has less demanding system requirements. It boots-up faster and costs less, making it ideal for field applications.

Feature highlights
Multiple Map Options: Select the map design that best meets your observing needs. You can select a raster (image) map, developed from NASA Clementine Data, and reprocessed and enhanced using proprietary RITI technology, or switch to a vector (graphic) map, developed by RITI, and rivaling the finest paper vector maps in the marketplace. Both map designs can also be combined to provide additional feature identification capabilities, and we even provide map templates for sketching at the eyepiece. Of course, all of the maps are fully corrected for libration.

Navigator window and compass prevent you from losing your way on the lunar surface when the map is zoomed in

Hover lets you quickly identify nearly 7,600 features with a mouse touch

Multi-point Surveyor Tool allows you to accurately measure lunar features and/or lunar distances

System Requirements (recommended)
Operating System: PC WindowsTM98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP
Speed: 500 MHz
RAM: 192 MB
Hard Drive Space: 100 MB
Video RAM: 16 MB
Screen Resolution:
1024 X 768

Database contains all features visible to earth based observers, as compiled by the USGS, plus 158 Domes, the 79 features named by the Apollo Astronauts, and all 22 manned & unmanned American and Soviet Landing Sites

Zoom and Pan tools make navigating the lunar surface a snap

Feature Manager lets you easily locate and highlight any features you select. You can also find the next lunar sunrise/sunset time for any selected feature -- a great planning tool -- and you can link your own observing notes and photos to any feature or feature group.

Maps flip and reverse to conveniently match your telescope optics

Eyepiece Field-of-View Maps duplicate the views seen through your own telescope and eyepieces

Ephemeris provides detailed observing data, customized for your own observing location

Phase Manager allows you to set the phase for any time and date between 1970 and 2100.

Labeling and Printing: If you don't want to take your computer into the field, that's fine too, because Lunar Map Pro FE lets you label and print beautiful custom maps, and you can even capture them as a JPEG image, and email them to a friend!

PC dependent license, so once the program is installed, the CD is no longer needed and can be stored in a safe place.

For more information about Lunar Map Pro Field Edition, please contact us.

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