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Map.com.tw map.com.tw (Chinese) | taiwan-map.com (English)

Map.com.tw and its English-language version, Taiwan-map.com, provide users with accurate, easy-to-use interactive maps of Taiwan, as well as travel and living information geared at tourists and Taiwan residents alike. Both portals are a one-stop source for English-language information on getting out and about in Taiwan.

Of course, Map.com.tw and Taiwan-map.com's tools and content are accessible to site visitors for free. Both sites are supported by advertising, and offer an excellent way for Taiwan businesses to reach a wide audience of potential customers. Contact us to learn more about some of our exciting advertising opportunities.

Features include...

  • Map Search: Need to map an address? Locate a landmark? Our map search capability makes it easy.
  • Travel Guide: Traveling around Taiwan? Check out our suggested tours and sightseeing highlights.
  • Theme Maps: Take a look at our theme maps to find nearby dining, shopping, entertainment, transportation, and accommodations in your area of interest.
  • Discussion boards: Ask questions and share information with other Map.com.tw and Taiwan-map.com visitors!
  • Special member features: Become a member, and you can print and save personalized maps for future use, email maps to friends, plus receive notices of site updates.



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