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E-location www.elocation.com.tw (this website is in Chinese)

E-location, RITI Technology Inc.’s Web-based Automatic Vehicle Location Service, integrates 5 advanced technologies: GPS, GSM/GPRS, GIS, Internet and CTI (computer telephone interface) to provide a user-friendly web-based system for monitoring real-time company automobiles.

Using a standard web browser such as MS Internet Explorer, authorized company personnel can view company automobiles on a RITI proprietary electronic map. The information is viewable in real time with details including locations, routes, directions, speeds and more. The information can also be recorded and stored in a database for replay.

E-location makes it simple to dispatch and manage fuel consumption, missions and driver efficiency. The system will minimize the time required to track your automobiles and reduce communication costs -- which means a significant savings in operational expenses for the company! Designed to work with input devices such as Barcode Reader, Container Counter, and Card Reader, E-location information can be sent via wireless communication and displayed on the company's dedicated E-location web page. With built-in account security systems, the company can also open special accounts for customers to monitor their cargo -- providing a great way to increase customer satisfaction.

E-location provides a ready-made, affordable solution for monitoring and managing your company's vehicles and can be used in conjunction with our Super Locator device. It's quick to implement and simple to use. Of course, for companies requiring a more personalized solution that can be based in-house rather than through the E-location website, RITI Technology Inc. can also create custom-tailored website and intranet solutions to meet your specific needs. Take a look at some of the professional services we offer, or contact us to discuss how RITI Technology Inc. can help you...

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