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Fire & Emergency Rescue Command Control Communication (C3I) System: Taichung Hsien Fire Department

Developed for the Taichung Hsien Fire Department, this system integrates wire and wireless communication equipments to provide a common platform for 119 case reporting as well as mission control and command operation. During fire or emergency, fire engines, rescue personnel and any related information can be coordinated and dispatched effectively thorough this system at the command control center.

Major features include:

  • Computer Aided Dispatching by integrating ANI, ALI, GIS and wireless communication technologies.
  • Capable of handling major emergencies. Via E1 circuit by integrating digital exchange server with Chung-Hwa Telecom’ s exchange system, the system can handle 30 reporting cases simultaneously.
  • Information synchronization using the digital exchange system, wireless communication, recording system and real-time banners, etc.
  • Multi-facet reporting through wire communication -- internet, digital exchange system VoIP group command phone and muti-point faxing system; wireless communication- real-time command message display (GSM+SMS); faxing via GPRS to mobile unit with command instructions, map and related information.

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