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Spatial Information Application – Real Estate Industry: SINYI Realty http://www.sinyi.com.tw

By creating a customized solution based on RITI Technology Inc's proprietary Internet Map Sever (RTMap J), we gave the traditional real estate MIS information an exciting, informative spatial component. The key real estate details that home buyers want to know about -- neighborhood information such as street, intersection, public transportation, landmarks, schools, and supermarkets -- are intrinsically spatial. At the same time, the real estate company relies on neighborhood demographic data in order to make important business decisions such as where to open new branch offices, how to value estates, and how to determine sales boundaries. The system we designed for SINYI Realty makes this critical spatial information readily accessible to buyers and company management alike -- helping customers find the right property for their needs, and allowing the realty company to manage business with maximum efficiency.

Major features include the following capabilities:

  • Look up neighborhood information. For example, a map can be shown centered at a given estate of interest, and its neighborhood information can be displayed for viewing and analysis such as distance calculation to a school.
  • Look up all current and past projects (cases). The inquiry can be done based on spatial constraint such as distance.
  • Provide most likely candidates subject to buyer’s conditions, and the result can be sent to buyer’s cell phone via short message
  • Integration with internal management system

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