Mobile IoT

Mobile IoT

Locator 690s (IDU-403)

The IDU-40300 is a GNSS Intelligent Data Unit (IDU) with wireless transmission capabilities, through the eLocation fleet management cloud platform and mobile phone APP, the solution-ready fleet management system can perform GNSS position monitoring, transportation scheduling, abnormal management and also set various alarm conditions for vehicles, further more to integrate the driving behavior analysis to improve driving safety and reduce the risks and losses.

  • Faster and more accurate positioning
  • Built-in GPS (USA) and GLONASS (Russia) dual-mode satellite GNSS module and 4G LTE communication module, supporting A-GPS function (Cell Locate)
  • Accurate mileage calculation
  • Calculate the mileage every second automatically, lower the error amount of fuel subsidy
  • Self remote fault detection
  • IDU failure detection and remote FOTA
  • Powerful data transmission
  • Supports 3G, 4G connections and TCP, UDP, FTP, HTTP and SMS data transmissions
  • Car battery voltage notification
  • Detect battery voltage at any time to avoid the voltage being too low to start the vehicle
  • Built-in G-sensor module
  • Gravity acceleration detections for harsh acceleration, brake hard, sudden turn, collision and rollover

Dimension 44mm x 62mm x 15mm
Weight 37g
Operating Voltage 8~33VDC
Working Current Peak<500mA @24 VDC;Standby<80mA @24 VDC
LTE module 3G : B1
4G : B3、B8、B28
GNSS Chip GNSS chip: MTK
GNSS Sensitivity: -167 dBm
Input Port SOS signal x 1 set
Memory Memory capacity 4MB (up to 30,000 data can be stored) When the communication quality is poor, data will be saved and be re-sent to server after communication is back to normal
Standard Accessories Power cable set
Certifications Meet the Taiwan NCC certification、Patent 1307324

Internet of Things applications such as fleet management, logistics and transportation, temperature monitoring, cold chain management, MDVR, driving safety, cage management, police, firefighting, etc.